Germany, the European Union, the United States, and Canada have all set an ambitious target to reach carbon neutrality by at least 2050: the German government has pledged to do this by 2045.

In the EU, the Green New Deal, combined with the Covid-19 Recovery Fund, constitutes a €1.85 trillion stimulus package that aims to build a sustainable, digital, and more resilient Europe. In the US, the Biden administration has put climate policy at the center of restoring US global leadership and pledged to invest more than $2 trillion into strengthening critical infrastructure and boosting clean energy.

However, as EU President Ursula von der Leyen said,
“Public finances alone will not be enough. We need to tap into private investment by putting green and sustainable financing at the heart of our investment chain and finance system… Those who act first and fastest will also be the ones who grasp the opportunities from the ecological transition.”

Leading the world to achieve shared goals

The impacts of climate change present a unique opportunity to revive transatlantic relations with a focus on the single most important issue we face today.

In July 2021, the United States and Germany launched the Climate and Energy Partnership. This joint initiative aims to strengthen climate ambition and deepen US-German collaboration on the policies, sustainable technologies, and innovative solutions needed to accelerate the global net-zero future.

TEF aims to support this and other initiatives by freeing the power of entrepreneurism and private capital to develop cleaner, more resilient and sustainable economies.

Structure and funding

TEF is a non-partisan, not-for-profit, private membership organization run by an experienced team and guided by an expert advisory board.

Funding comes from private and corporate members, supporters, foundations, and public sources. We use it to plan, prepare and host our program of events across Europe and North America.

All finances will be transparent.

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